Thursday, July 7, 2011

The first time I Knew, Kjai

The First Time I knew...
The first time I knew, I didn't. At age 12, although I knew the sexual fun I was having with my girl cousins was totally inappropriate, it didn't take away from the great feeling that aroused on the inside of me everytime we did it. To paint a vivid picture, there was alot of pants humping (without the going on. Although we were suppose to be asleep, we'd climb into each others bed and have at it.  We knew what we were doing was wrong but we did it anyway. Exploring what felt good to us. At that age, I didn't make the connection between the first time I knew until I got much older. Noticing the beautiful structure of the female body seemed to turn me on and wondering how it would be to have a "Grown Up" experience with a woman, unlike my 12 year old (in)experience and how the idea was thought provoking. I would wonder where the thoughts came from...thinking long and hard I ended up going back to when I was 12 and how longing to see my cousins breast and touch them as well as to be touched, brought about the answer. I truly didn't know back for me the title is a bit different. It's more like, the first time I made the correlation...

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