Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"First Time I Knew" Victor

The first time I knew was my first day of kindergarten, fall 1980. It was my first time ever being around other children who weren't family. The first time I noticed the difference between the touch of boys versus girls. I felt safe playing with the girls, so soft, nurturing, non-threatening, but it was the touch of other boys that sent jolts through my body, jolts I wanted to feel constantly. At that time, affection between boys wasn't a huge issue. It was cute to see boys hug, slap fives and otherwise show non-sexual affection. 

However, I knew then that the touch and smell of a boy made parts of me do things that needed no explanation.Things that announced themselves as pleasure.  I remember getting up every morning throughout the school year, anxious about seeing one of my kindergarten crushes. Mark, Isaac, Kevin, all of them, delivered daily, my does of masculine attention. Of course, they didn't know that I felt something for them, more than friendship. Neither did I. It wasn't until middle school that I found out what it was I was feeling, and how it was deemed inappropriate by others. The joy of that went down hill after grade school. I went from being able to freely express affection to having to conceal my adoration for the same sex in middle school, to fearing for my safety in High school. Though times have changed since those days, that awakening in kindergarten remains a major factor in my identity and who I came to be. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The first time I Knew, Kjai

The First Time I knew...
The first time I knew, I didn't. At age 12, although I knew the sexual fun I was having with my girl cousins was totally inappropriate, it didn't take away from the great feeling that aroused on the inside of me everytime we did it. To paint a vivid picture, there was alot of pants humping (without the going on. Although we were suppose to be asleep, we'd climb into each others bed and have at it.  We knew what we were doing was wrong but we did it anyway. Exploring what felt good to us. At that age, I didn't make the connection between the first time I knew until I got much older. Noticing the beautiful structure of the female body seemed to turn me on and wondering how it would be to have a "Grown Up" experience with a woman, unlike my 12 year old (in)experience and how the idea was thought provoking. I would wonder where the thoughts came from...thinking long and hard I ended up going back to when I was 12 and how longing to see my cousins breast and touch them as well as to be touched, brought about the answer. I truly didn't know back for me the title is a bit different. It's more like, the first time I made the correlation...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The first Time I Knew, Candy

The first time I knew started with confusion and quickly turned into flat out self-denial and an attempt for over two years to bury my feelings.  During a two year period I became increasingly more attracted to a female co-worker.  Whenever she came into my work area I would get nervous butterflies, sweaty palms, vaginal contractions, and a quiet internal panic would take me over, often just from hearing the sound of her voice.  This was so strange for me because although I appreciate beauty in all people, I had never been attracted to a female-and these feelings I knew as normal “love at first sight” experiences similar to what I’d felt for men I had fallen in love with in the past.  As time went on and my attraction grew stronger and I felt as if there was an internal magnet drawing me towards her.  I noticed how nervous and excited I got at the prospect of speaking with her about work related issues and that I would look forward to any reason to give her a call.  I was also privately embarrassed about my erotic thoughts and fantasies of her as if she could read my mind or somehow feel that we had made love many times before in my mind.  I consulted with a close friend, a heterosexual male, who has known me since college, telling him everything and seeking his advice.  After his riotous roars of laughter at “the most conservative heterosexual homophobic female he knows” my friend encouraged me to be honest with my co-worker and with myself, for peace of mind and if nothing else to move beyond the experience, he suggested I could be going through a phase or just wanting to try something different, i.e. sex with a female.  I told him it was much more than a sexual attraction and decided to follow his advice.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The first Time I Knew, Johnna

   The first time I can remember actually knowing that I liked girls was in kindergarten at this private school. K4 actually. I remember "playing house" with this girl and she was always the husband and I was always the wife. We would go into this little fort that we had made under the sandbox (remember those sandboxes that the kids would play with that turned into the water thingies)  and just kiss. It was totally innocent, no tongue, sometimes no lips just on the cheek. But as I look back the fact that we both knew it was "wrong" even as young as 4 and 5 is sort of sad in a way. Welp. Yup thats the first time I knew I liked girls.


Friday, June 10, 2011

The First Time I Knew Legacy

Shelbie M. The First Time I knew

I think I’ve always liked girls. As far back as I can remember the first time when I realized I liked me was around the tenth grade. Ironically, I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend watching “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”.  It wasn’t the plot that was keeping my interest, it was Jessica Biel. I remember thinking about a radio show I was listening to earlier that day about who had the best asses in Hollywood. Number something on the list was Jessica Biel. So, there is a part in the movie when she bent down and I said, out loud, “huh, she does have a nice ass”. My boyfriend looked at me with the most confused face I’d ever seen on a guy. I looked up calmly and said, “What? She does!” That she did. Jessica Biel was extremely beautiful in my eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. My boyfriend removed his arm from around me and jokingly kept saying “I knew you liked girls!”
This “joke” went on until the end of our relationship. We ended because I didn’t want to have sex with him and because I had too many guy friends. We’re friends now and we still laugh about our relationship. He actually met my first girlfriend when I went to away to college.  
During my final years of high school I really liked this girl who I’ll call “Red”. We got along great: we were both smart, we were both attractive, and we loved flirting with each other. I truly liked this woman and I wanted to spend more time with her. Even though I realized I liked girls when I saw Jessica Biel, I realized I wanted relationships with women when I met Red.
If a label had to be placed on me, I’d call myself bisexual. I love men and women. Parts don’t matter to me because that’s not what I need to be happy. Nowadays, I do tend to lean more toward women because they’re genuinely nicer to be around. Some call me confused, I call myself open minded.  J

Me, my friend Quinton, and the cast of Cherry Bomb: a talk show for women who love women. 

The First Time I knew Rubber Rose

The First Time I knew San Diego